Parrot Analytics Launches Parrot IQ Consultancy Arm


Parrot Analytics has rolled out Parrot IQ, a data-backed consultancy arm for the media and entertainment industry, to be led by executives Alejandro Rojas and Julia Alexander.

Rojas brings his background in machine learning, financial asset prediction and media production. Alexander is an experienced entertainment authority with a history of offering strategy insights into the shifts within tech, media and telecom. She is also an analyst for Puck News.

Parrot Analytics’ teams have spent the last decade consulting a diverse array of clients, including streaming services, production companies, networks, legal firms, financial institutions sports leagues and more. The demand for the firm’s consulting services has grown, leading the company to create the Parrot IQ consulting arm to better serve current and new clients’ needs.

“At Parrot Analytics, we’re not just measuring the future; we’re actively building it,” said Wared Seger, CEO of Parrot Analytics. “Parrot IQ stands as a beacon for those navigating the complex interplay between content and finance, aiming to set a new standard in IP valuation. Our goal is to transform these insights into an industry benchmark, guiding our clients toward unprecedented financial success.”