Parrot Analytics, Co-Production Salon Pact in MENA


Parrot Analytics has entered into a collaborative partnership with the Co-Production Salon to enhance support for the production community in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The partnership aims to leverage Parrot Analytics’ country-specific content analytics capabilities to empower content producers, networks, streamers and the broader MENA entertainment landscape.

Wared Seger, CEO of Parrot Analytics, said: “Our collaboration with the Co-Production Salon is a natural extension of our mission of empowering the content community around the world. The MENA region’s growing appetite for high-quality content presents an exciting opportunity, and we are committed to supporting local producers in their efforts to create compelling content that resonates with audiences in the region and beyond”.

Heba Korayem, content market specialist and founder of the Co-Production Salon, added: “By integrating Parrot Analytics’ deep market-level insights, local content and audience analytics with our distribution, market navigation expertise and strong Arabic content community, we are creating a powerful resource for the MENA production community. This partnership will not only help producers understand the local and regional demand but also enable them to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities, supporting investment in premium content to and from the MENA region.”