NATPE Spotlight: Escapade Media


The theory that dogs can detect cancer is explored in Walking Points, one of Escapade Media’s highlights.

“We all in some way will be affected by cancer, and in this feature-length documentary, viewers are exposed to a new method in the battle against this deadly disease,” says Jessica Stonehouse, the company’s head of sales, partnerships and business development for the U.S. and U.K. “We learn about cancer detection dogs’ ability to detect cancer in humans by utilizing their keen olfactory senses.”

Commissioned by the BBC, Steve Backshall & the Vertical Mile is available for presale and will be delivered by June 2018. Stonehouse calls it “an intimate special where Steve faces his most personal and dangerous challenge to date.”

Viewers get a glimpse of life as an illegal immigrant in the drama Undocumented.

“In 2018, Escapade is focusing strongly on content produced in 4K and programs with virtual reality components for our factual slate, and dramas that are highly charged, exploring human determination,” says Stonehouse.