MIPTV Spotlight: Inter Medya


Since its launch last September in Turkey, Bitter Lands has been garnering increasingly strong ratings, and Inter Medya believes it will be successful on channels around the world as well.

Set in Istanbul and southern Turkey in the 1970s, Bitter Lands tells the story of an unscrupulous love affair and a couple who risk it all, including their freedom, to remain together. “International buyers want to see classic stories about love and family, and we can all agree that Bitter Lands is a special kind of love story,” says Can Okan, founder and CEO of Inter Medya.

The Ay Yapim-produced The Pit, which stars Aras Bulut Iynemli and Dilan Çiçek Deniz, has continued to notch up deals for Inter Medya. The Pit follows a young scion torn between following in his family’s footsteps and pursuing the woman he loves.

The company is also presenting Innocent, a web series that combines crime and drama. It’s about a retired cop and his wife living peacefully at a little ranch house away from the city, until one night, when their son shows up with terrible news.

Also on the slate is sports-reality format Exathlon, which sees two teams of athletic contestants—including physically fit celebrities and sports stars—compete in obstacle courses in a bid to make it to the last round and be crowned the champion. “Exathlon contestants, who are chosen after certain sports and conditioning tests, compete in highly challenging parkours to perform at their highest level,” says Okan.

The company is also presenting to MIPTV buyers The Perfect Couple, a dating-reality show that Inter Medya developed in partnership with DMT Producciones. The format sees men and women competing to win keys to rooms inside the only house on an island, but the twist is that there is not enough space for everyone. “This fast and exciting format will attract the crowd,” says Okan.

He adds that The Box Challenge, developed by the company’s in-house creative team, “is definitely a crowd favorite.”