MIPCOM Spotlight: Voxx Studios


Voxx Studios offers localization services, from simple translations and subtitling to small- and large-scale dubbing projects.

Its services also include the recording of original voices for animated series and features, ADR and music recording, as well as 5.1 and 7.1 mixings for theatrical and home theater, Dolby Atmos mixing for home theater and music, sound design and audio editing.

“We produce projects in up to ten languages in-house and over 40 through our network of partners throughout the world,” says Andrei Zinca, CEO and owner of Voxx Studios in Los Angeles. “Doing that from Los Angeles allows our clients a quick glance into how their projects evolve, the confidence one can have in the resources available [here], the speed of execution and delivery requested of us, time and time again.”

Zinca adds, “Localization is mandatory in order to reach a global market.”