BritBox Plots Global Expansion


BBC Studios and ITV are planning to roll out BritBox globally, which could see the streaming platform expanding to up to 25 countries around the world.

In the U.S. and Canada, the service recently hit 1 million subscribers. It launched in the U.K. in November 2019. Now, BritBox aims to broaden its global footprint across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa. As previously announced, BritBox will also be launching in Australia later in 2020.

Carolyn McCall, ITV CEO, said: “This international expansion plan will firmly establish BritBox as a global premium brand in a rapidly growing sector. Offering subscribers the best and biggest collection of British content has enabled BritBox to rapidly grow in our existing countries and as streaming continues to expand worldwide this rollout will give our distinctive streaming business truly international scale.”

Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Studios, said: “BritBox has very quickly found a place in viewers’ hearts and we know there is further appetite amongst international audiences who love great British content. We are actively appraising new markets to introduce the service and are very excited about the imminent launch in Australia.”