Zone·ify Acquires Cineverse Content


Zone·tv’s free streaming service zone·ify has acquired a raft of content from the streaming technology and entertainment firm Cineverse.

The partnership includes the rights to dozens of on-demand movies and eight FAST channels.

The new feature film offering includes The English Teacher, New York I Love You and Arthur Newman. The new FAST channels include the Bob Ross Channel; Lone Star, featuring classic Westerns and more; Dove Channel, with family-friendly programming; classic anime on Retro Crush; and horror, thrillers and action via Midnight Pulp; and more.

“We’re proud to make this first-rate content available for free on zone·ify, which has the best user experience in the business, all for free,” said Jeff Weber, CEO of zone·tv.

“There is literally something for everyone on zone·ify,” added Weber. “Whether you are watching with your family, looking for the obscure or going deep on your favorite actor, you can find it on zone·ify.”