WildBrain CPLG, Dr. Seuss & Irregular Choice Align for Product Line


WildBrain CPLG has secured a deal between Dr. Seuss Enterprises and the shoe and accessory brand Irregular Choice for a collaboration inspired by the Dr. Seuss book The Cat in the Hat.

The partnership will launch an adult collection that includes heeled shoes, boots, sneakers, bags and tights, all featuring the iconic Cat, as well as Thing One and Thing Two from the famous picture book. The collection is currently available worldwide on the Irregular Choice website and will also launch at Irregular Choice stores in the U.K.

Irregular Choice and Dr. Seuss are promoting the range on social media, with Irregular Choice also executing influencer outreach and installing branded-window displays across its U.K. stores.

John Taylor, VP for Northern Europe and managing director for the U.K. and France at WildBrain CPLG, said: “Irregular Choice is celebrated for creating unique, bold and eye-catching products that stand out from the crowd. As we continue to expand the merchandise offering for adults who’ve loved The Cat in the Hat since childhood, we knew Irregular Choice would be an ideal partner to capture the brand’s mischievous and energetic spirit, and we can’t wait to see fans enjoying the collection.”

Susan Brandt, president of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, said: “Dr. Seuss books are not your typical books, and shoes from Irregular Choice are not your typical shoes. That’s why we believe this collaboration is so well paired and this expressive collection really speaks to the originality of both brands.”

Dan Sullivan, founder and designer at Irregular Choice, added: “Irregular Choice’s ethos is to ‘Recapture your freedom which eloped with your youth’, and better than anyone, Dr. Seuss epitomizes that freedom of thought and unstifled creativity. Not only amazingly inspirational, but words to live your life by. There are so many thought-provoking quotes, stories and images that when growing up drove my young mind, and I have tried to take them with me throughout my life. To have the chance to even slightly tap into that world of fun-filled imagination has been a dream fulfilled.”