MIPTV Spotlight: Multicom Entertainment Group


A high school teacher desperate to get out of a financial crisis begins to recruit and train streakers for illegal sports betting in the comedic film Streaker, which Multicom Entertainment Group is promoting at MIPTV.

There is also the 80-minute drama America Adrift, about a woman who fights back when her son becomes involved in the world of drug trafficking. Darrin Holender, the president of Multicom Entertainment Group, also highlights The Broken Ones. The romantic drama tells the story of two strangers who meet one night and embark on an adventure from New Jersey to New York, confronting their darkest fears and overcoming tragedy along the way. Other MIPTV highlights include Divine Access, M.I.A.: A Greater Evil, Generational Sins, Above All Things, After the Sun Fell and The Side Show Christmas.

“Multicom Entertainment Group has acquired rights to a deep library of premium programming that is distributed through a global network of broadcasters and digital platforms,” Holender adds.