MIPTV Spotlight: Multicom Entertainment Group


Multicom Entertainment Group is highlighting its new channels TheGrapevine and TheArchive that offer hundreds of hours of content internationally.

The company’s 4K restorations include the Academy Award-winning documentary The Long Way Home, horror films The Convent and Slaughterhouse Rock, and the classic The Adventures of Pinocchio.

“Multicom’s ever-growing library of broadcast-quality films and television continues to improve,” says Multicom Entertainment Group’s president, Darrin Holender.

Boonie Bears, an animated franchise in Multicom’s library, is looking for a U.S.  home after finding success in China. Among the brand’s programming catalog is Boonie Bears: The Adventurers, a 52×13-minute series in which Bramble and Briar Bear help Carly save her Siberian tiger best friend Kitty from poachers.

“Multicom’s vast catalog can provide buyers with content from nearly any genre,” says Holender.