MIPCOM Spotlight: Multicom Entertainment Group


The comedic drama movie For Now, in the Multicom Entertainment Group catalog, follows four Australians on a road trip to California to audition for dance school.

“This film was completely improvised and shot over a seven-day period,” says Darrin Holender, the president of Multicom Entertainment Group.

There is also Streaker, about a down-on-his-luck high school teacher who starts taking bets on how long a streaker can remain on the football field.

Since mid-2017, Multicom has completed more than 20 film restorations from 35 mm and 16 mm film to digital 4K and UHD, and the company has a catalog of these to present to buyers. This includes the documentary The Long Way Home, horror films The Convent and Slaughterhouse Rock, classic tale The Adventures of Pinocchio and romantic biopic The Whole Wide World.