MIPTV Spotlight: GRB Entertainment


The Emmy Award-winning drama series The Bay centers on the affluent yet dysfunctional residents of a posh seaside town that is cursed by a political figure who was allegedly murdered by his socialite granddaughter.

The Bay’s global appeal comes from the storylines of the downfall of a rich family and the great twists and turns of a murder in their town,” says Michael Lolato, senior VP of international distribution for GRB Entertainment. “In the long tradition of telenovelas and soap operas, The Bay combines daytime drama and prime-time glitz that appeals to audiences worldwide.” In Man at Arms, iconic weapons from movies, video games and comic books are created in real life. The company also has in its catalog the clip show Whacked Out Sports, loaded with sports bloopers.

Lolato explains that “GRB is focusing this market on promoting its male programming and its new scripted series.”