NATPE Spotlight: GRB Entertainment


GRB Entertainment is showcasing the Emmy-winning drama The Bay, which follows the affluent yet dysfunctional residents living in a posh seaside town.

Also a company highlight is Man at Arms, in which expert craftsmen recreate deadly, iconic weapons from film, TV and video games. “This show captures audiences with all the action it offers and keeps [viewers engaged] with the interesting history lesson behind each weapon,” says Melanie Torres, the company’s director of international sales.

GRB is also promoting The Stalker Files, about celebrities who were victims of stalking. “There is still a strong appetite for crime in all markets, and this particular series is appealing because of the popularity these cases received and the A-list talent involved,” adds Torres.

“We plan on continuing to grow our catalog, form new partnerships and expand to all platforms, including linear, digital, mobile and VOD,” Torres says.