A+E Networks UK Orders Britain’s Greatest Obsessions


A+E Networks UK has commissioned Nit Television to produce the tentatively titled Britain’s Greatest Obsessions with Motion Content Group for Sky HISTORY.

In each episode of the six-part series, one celebrity guest presenter will undertake a journey through British culture and history to find out how and why certain preoccupations and passions have become so embedded in the country’s collective psyche and national identity. A+E Networks UK’s first commission from Nit Television, it is slated to premiere mid-2022.

Among those featured in the series are Harry Hill, exploring the British sense of humor; Chris Packham, talking about the British love of pets; Liza Tarbuck, tackling the obsession with all things weather-related; Suggs will delve into the pastime of drinking and fondness for pubs; American comedian Reginald D Hunter and Alexei Sayle will take a look at Britain’s enduring class system and the part played within it by the Royal Family; and Lorraine Kelly will explain the continual harking back to Winston Churchill and the part played by Britain in the Allied victory in World War II.

Tarbuck said: “I started my foray into the weather with the light-hearted attitude that in the U.K. the weather is essentially small talk. It’s anything but. Weather is everything; it governs daily choices, food, mood and history, everything, and I’ve a horrible feeling that attempting to verbalize its rhythms and poetry is an idiot’s game. Hello!!”

Harry Hill said: “We in this country are so proud and pleased with our sense of humor; for some reason we see it as another thing we’ve got over the rest of the world. Where did that come from?! I’ve had so much FUN talking to the experts and trying to find out. From my hilarious German friend Henning Wehn to Punch and Judy man John Styles. I have answers—and they’ll surprise you!”

Reginald D Hunter said: “One of the reasons I came to this country was because I was curious about Britain’s obsession with not liking people who look like you. I found this to be a very evolved prejudice, much better than the simple racism I was accustomed to back home. I enjoyed exploring the many nuanced layers of the class system in Britain, and I am especially grateful to Comrade Alexei Sayle for coming along for the ride!”

Suggs adds: “It’s no secret that I am a connoisseur of the pub. So, I jumped at the chance to unearth and share stories of these great British institutions….and of course accepted my duties to sample some of their delights along the way.”

Dan Korn, VP of programming at A+E Networks UK, said: “I’m delighted to be continuing our exploration of the British psyche and sensibilities in the company of such an eminent cast of comedians, artists and experts. Where else but Sky HISTORY would you get such a unique British ‘brains trust’, in which Suggs rubs shoulders with Chris Packham, Lorraine Kelly with Harry Hill, along, of course, with the sublime talents of Reginald D Hunter and Liza Tarbuck? We’re excited to be working with Mob Dar and his great team at Nit TV and with the Motion Content Group on what promises to be a fantastic series.”

Martin Oxley, head of formats and entertainment UK for Motion, added: “From cream teas to odd socks, there are so many everyday elements of life in Britain that one can get ‘over the top’ obsessed about. Motion couldn’t be any more thrilled than we are to be joining NIT TV and A+E Networks UK alongside such illustrious talent in exploring six of the best British obsessions.”

Nit Television Executive Producer Mobashir Dar said: “What a treat to be working with six fantastic hosts on such a funny and revealing series. I hope Sky HISTORY viewers become obsessed with Britain’s Greatest Obsessions!”