A+E EMEA Commissions New Al Murray Series


A+E Networks EMEA has commissioned Avalon and Motion Content Group to produce Al Murray: Why Does Everyone Hate the British Empire?

The commission marks the third collaboration between Avalon and Sky HISTORY for a series featuring historian and writer Murray and his comedic alter ego, The Pub Landlord. In each country, the presenter is to pair up with a local comedian to explore the history of British colonial rule in that country and its legacy. In India, Al will be joined by Anuvab Pal.

More comedians Murray will be joined by include Chris Daley in Jamaica, Loyiso Gola in South Africa and Aboriginal comedian Kevin Kropinyeri in Australia.

The commission follows in the footsteps of the award-winning Why Does Everyone Hate the English? (2018), which explored the roots of England’s most deep historic enmities, and the ratings success Why Do the British Win Every War? (2020), which discussed whether Britain has been helped or hindered by its military legacy.

Murray commented: “This is a debate that is ongoing and becoming more and more heated. The history demands exploration, the legacy assessment. I’ve been lucky enough to go all over the world to take a look for myself, find out what legacy remains and, most importantly, how it figures in the lives of people in Britain’s former colonies. Is this a story with a happy ending or is it not yet over?”

Dan Korn, VP of programming at A+E Networks EMEA, said: “As the country views its history through the eyes of a new generation, with new sensibilities and perspectives, who better than Al Murray, The Pub Landlord and SKY History to examine what remains the most controversial, debated and obscured part of our nation’s history: the British Empire.”

Jay Taylor, executive producer for Avalon, added: “There is no better person than Al to explore the ‘hot topic’ of the British Empire; his blend of humor with historical insight means his discoveries are always fascinating, and we’re delighted to be working the great team at A+E EMEA on this new series.”

Deep Sehgal, executive producer for Motion Content Group, said: “In this series, Al Murray and his alter-ego have probed some of the most uncomfortable areas of the colonial past—and re-examined some enduring myths of Empire in the process.”