Spirit Studios, A+E Networks EMEA, Quintus Studios Enter Co-Pro


Spirit Studios, A+E Networks EMEA and Quintus Studios have teamed up for the new true-crime series Missing, Presumed Dead.

The 10×60-minute series documents the stories of real survivors’ disappearances, delving into their experiences and how and why they returned to their families.

A+E Networks EMEA will broadcast the series on Crime+Investigation in the U.K., Benelux, CEE, Greece and the Middle East, as well as on Sky Crime in Italy. Quintus Studios will distribute the series globally outside of the U.K.

Executive producers for Missing, Presumed Dead are Dan Korn and Di Carter for A+E Networks EMEA, Adam Jacobs for Quintus Studios and Matt Campion and Martin Sadowski for Spirit Studios.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with A&E Networks EMEA and Spirit Studios,” said Anouk van Dijk, head of sales and co-productions at Quintus Studios. “Missing, Presumed Dead offers gripping storytelling of real disappearances and rediscoveries, featuring unique perspectives through interviews with the missing individuals and their loved ones. Spirit Studios’ innovative storytelling aligns perfectly with Quintus Studios’ channels and catalog. The series has vast potential for global viewership.”

Korn, VP of programming at A+E Networks EMEA, said: “We have all heard of the infamous cases of child abduction, such as Elizabeth Smart and Natasha Kampusch, in which the victims were forced to endure a living hell for years before being reunited with their families. Missing, Presumed Dead focuses on those cases which might not be so well-known but which are every bit as harrowing and does so from the unique perspective of the abductee, their agonized families and the investigators.”

Campion, creative director of Spirit Studios, said: “It’s about time we had a true-crime show with a happy ending! We’re thrilled to be partnering with Quintus and A+E Networks EMEA to make Missing, Presumed Dead and share a real commitment to honor the stories of those who vanished without a trace and to celebrate the human spirit and incredible resilience that led to their rediscovery. This is a series about the harrowing journeys of those who defied the odds and survived to tell the tale, as well as those who did everything they could to find them.”