TV Real Screenings Festival Spotlight: ZDF Studios


ZDF Studios is playing to all of its non-scripted strengths with its collection for the TV Real Screenings Festival, highlighting a mix of science and knowledge, history and wildlife projects.

Two blue-chip natural history titles are on offer: the two-part Namibia’s Natural Wonders and wildlife filmmaker Thomas Behrend’s four-episode Seas in Motion. Of Seas in Motion, Ralf Rückauer, VP Unscripted, remarks: “Innovative drone and underwater camera technology provide an intimate insight into the lives of rare sea creatures, including behavior never before captured on film.”

History’s Greatest Myths questions long-held beliefs about iconic historical figures and events. Also on the history slate, a new season of Ancient Apocalypse will continue its explorations of lost civilizations.

ZDF Studios is also showcasing a new slate of episodes in its Mega Building Collection, each focusing on a specific technical achievement. “What drives scientists, inventors and engineers to push the limits of what is possible? These innovators continually strive to design and develop technology, machines and buildings that help us defy the challenges of space and time,” Rückauer says.