ZDF Studios Launches Tepui—Into the House of Gods


ZDF Studios has brought to market the new documentary Tepui—Into the House of Gods, produced by Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion for ZDF’s Terra X slot.

The 50-minute film takes viewers to the remote tabletop mountains of Venezuela, known as the “Tepui,” or “House of Gods,” which are revered by the indigenous people of southern Venezuela and seen as islands of time by scientists.

An international team of scientists, including a geologist, microbiologist, bioacoustician and a biologist set out on an expedition to investigate life on one of the most remote and largest mountains. They explore whether the primeval microbes that built elaborate rock foundations in an extensive cave system could be used for medical purposes. They also discover a carnivorous aquatic cicada believed to be a new mutation of a similar species that inhabit the surface of the Tepui mountains but only feed on plants.

The scientists also find proof that the guácharo birds, which nest in caves in large parts of South America, developed completely new behaviors on the Tepui, and document the diversity of plants and animals.

“Our affiliate, Gruppe 5, has done an exceptional job in capturing the uniqueness of the Tepuis,” said Nikolas Huelbusch, Director Unscripted at ZDF Studios. “Not only do we get a rare opportunity to see the beauty of these mountains, but the documentary also makes new discoveries, including one that may hold the key to tackling a global problem.”