Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media Options Sarah Ditum’s Toxic


11:11 Media, co-founded by Paris Hilton and Bruce Gersh, has optioned Sarah Ditum’s Toxic: Women, Fame, and the Tabloid 2000s to adapt as a docuseries.

Toxic provides commentary on 2000s pop culture, scrutinizing the misogyny that was prevalent through essays exploring the lives of nine women celebrities and their battle with fame, efforts to control their own narratives and their degrees of success and failure in doing so.

Ditum’s book reveals the personal and public trials these women faced and how their experiences influenced broader perceptions of identity, body image, relationships and ambitions that still resonate today.

11:11 Media’s recent projects include season two of Paris in Love for Peacock and A24’s TV adaptation of Hilton’s memoir.

“When I discovered Toxic, I was immediately taken by the depth of Sarah’s dedication, research and writing,” Hilton said. “Sarah’s work inspired me to envision Toxic as a documentary series where we can provide a platform for similar stories of those who had to navigate intense public scrutiny, so they can reclaim their narrative from a time when they had little control.”

Ditum commented, “Toxic was always intended to put the women I write about back at the heart of their own stories. Working with Paris and her team on bringing this book to TV feels like a kind of homecoming for the project, and I’m incredibly excited for what they’ll bring to the next stage of Toxic.”