Sky HISTORY, The HISTORY Channel to Air U-Boat War Gamers


A+E Networks UK has signed a deal with ZDF Studios for U-Boat War Gamers (w.t.).

The agreement will see the docudrama about the Women’s Royal Navy Service (WRNS) premiere in the U.K. on Sky HISTORY in February 2023 and on The HISTORY Channel in Eastern Europe, Poland, Nordics, Middle East, South Africa, Italy and Germany next year.

Produced by World Media Rights, the series tells the story of Gilbert Roberts, Jean Laidlaw and the Women’s Royal Navy Service—a.k.a. the Wrens—as they use revolutionary war gaming tactics to defeat Admiral Karl Dönitz and his Wolf Pack fleets of U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II.

The project was originally produced for ZDF in Germany and Curiosity Stream in the U.S. ZDF Studios holds international rights.

Dan Korn, VP of programming at A+E Networks UK, said: “We’re delighted to partner with ZDF Studios and World Media Right to secure this highly sought-after and accomplished series which embodies our mission at Sky HISTORY to share stories that matter. It tells a truly fascinating story about an unheralded group of female servicewomen in World War II, without whom the Allies could never have won the Battle of the Atlantic.”

Alan Griffiths, executive producer for World Media Rights, added: “We have long wanted to tell this story of the women war gamers of the Royal Navy. Using World Media Rights’ proprietary software, we now have the CGI techniques which allow us to recreate the battles between the U-boats and the Royal Navy’s destroyers in the North Atlantic. So U-Boat War Gamers is both realistic and cinematic. This software won us the Broadcast Best Tech innovation last year.”