DISCOP Africa Transitions to Concierge Matchmaking Service


Basic Lead, the organizer of the DISCOP Johannesburg and DISCOP Abidjan markets, has transformed DISCOP Africa into a human-assisted, 24/7, virtual meeting-planning service.

Planned as a year-round service, DISCOP Africa “personal shoppers” will reach out to purchasing managers and co-production influencers across Africa to promote programs displayed in their digital showroom, make recommendations, answer questions and coordinate the remote appointment organization process with right-holders.

More than 500 properties are already displayed and include finished content, packaged channels, adaptation rights, short formats, and projects in later stages of development. These properties are offered by major studios, global and regional distributors, and independent producers, many of the latter being from Africa.

“If turning time-limited tradeshows into time-limited, 100 percent or hybrid, online events makes sense for other organizers, we came to the conclusion that the community we service needs 24/7 assistance to pursue their sourcing and promotional efforts in Africa,” says Patrick Zuchowicki, president of DISCOP.