Lista Social Wit: July 2018


The musical entertainment show Só Toca Top, which debuted on TV Globo in Brazil, drummed up the most social media buzz of all the new programs to premiere across Latin America last month, according to The WIT.

Each episode of Só Toca Top, hosted by singer Luan Santana and actress Fernanda Souza, ranks the biggest musical hits. The hosts are joined by famous singers and bands and review the most popular videos found on the web. Around 99,000 Facebook and Twitter comments surrounded the debut episode. While some viewers thought it was #MoreOfTheSame, they acknowledged it was #FunNonetheless and there were #GreatPerformances.

Azteca 1 in Mexico launched La Academia, a new version of the musical talent search that aired on the channel from 2002 to 2012. In the series, aspiring singers live in the same house for several weeks and attend lessons to become music stars. They perform live, and viewers decide who gets eliminated. There were some 86,000 tweets, including about the #HighExpectations from the viewers who had #SoManyMemories, as well as the #HighProfileJudges but #NotSoTalentedContestants.

TV Globo also stirred up social media buzz with O tempo não para, which saw around 64,000 tweets. The telenovela centers on a 19th-century family that remains frozen in the ice after an accident at the North Pole and wakes up today, on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, when the ice melts. Viewers found it #FunToWatch and were #LovingTheSoundtrack of the #Surreal show, which left the audience wanting more: #CantWaitForTheFollowingEpisodes.

Also in Brazil, Rede Record premiered Canta Comigo, which garnered around 30,000 comments on social media. The local adaptation of the format All Together Now features a singing competition in which each episode sees a range of talented performers take to the stage to perform in front of The 100, an audience of great singers with big voices and even bigger opinions. If any of The 100 like what they hear, they stand up and join in. The greater the number that stand up and sing along, the higher the contestant’s score. Viewers were #SingingAlong to the #Entertaining show, but were also wondering #WhoAreTheseJudges and #WillSomeoneMakeAll100Stand.

Record TV in Brazil debuted Jesus to some 19,000 tweets. The biblical telenovela about the people who knew Jesus Christ drummed up conversation about the #SlowPaced #Superproduction that touched on #CurrentIssues and had viewers #Hooked.

The launch of Z4 on SBT in Brazil saw around 8,000 tweets. In the youth telenovela, Zé, a famous artist manager, decides to create a boy band composed of four young singers: the “4 boys of Zé” then become the Z4. Buzz was about the #GreatCast of the #Entertaining and #Funny series, which got off to a strong start with the audience: #LoveItAlready.

Rizhoma Hotel, which debuted on Telefe in Argentina, had around 7,000 tweets with its first episode. The drama series tells 21 standalone but intertwined stories all set in the rooms of a hotel. The #ToughButReal stories were called #Brilliant by viewers tweeting along, who thought the first episode was #TooShort and featured #AmazingPerformancesByTheLeadingActors.

Canal 13 (El Trece) in Argentina launched Los especialistas del show, a magazine show following up the latest events within the 2018 season of the dance entertainment series Bailando. Around 3,000 comments on social media accompanied the broadcast, though the overall consensus was that the show is #NothingNew and #ABitBoring, with a number of viewers #NotLikingTheHost.

Chile’s Canal 13, meanwhile, premiered El cuerpo no miente with around 2,000 tweets. The factual series follows a special unit of the detectives of the PDI (Policía de Investigaciones) as they try, by means of different techniques and specialized dogs, to unmask individuals with suspicious behavior entering or leaving the Chilean territory. There were #DividedOpinions about the series that features #PoliciaDeInvestigacionesInTheLineOfFire, with some thinking that it is #ContributingToIncreaseRacism while others said it was an #InterestingShow.

Vértigo en la calle debuted on the same channel in Chile, also seeing around 2,000 tweets. A spin-off of the successful entertainment show Vertigo extremo, the show sees contestants compete in a city across its most emblematic locations. Viewers tweeting alongside the broadcast thought it was #FunToWatch and were #Hooked. Commenters also thought there were #SomeAnnoyingContestants or noted that it was #SuchATinyCashPrize.

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