Lista Social Wit: January 2017


NEW YORK: Of all the new programs that were launched in Latin America in January, the reality competition Despedida de solteros stirred up the most buzz in social media, according to The WIT.

Around 46,000 comments were made on Facebook and Twitter about the premiere of Despedida de solteros on Telefe in Argentina. The reality competition puts 12 couples who are about to marry to the test, as they have to live in two separate houses for five months, under the surveillance of the whole country…and their fiance. The couples compete to avoid elimination each week, as the public votes out a couple. The last couple standing wins a wedding ceremony, a honeymoon and a house.

Doble tentación on Mega in Chile saw some 35,000 tweets about its premiere. Also a reality competition, the series features six couples from all across Latin America—some famous, some not—subjected to all kinds of challenges, including the “double temptation,” where they must resist the attraction toward 16 handsome singletons.

Canal 13 (El Trece) in Argentina debuted Quiero vivir a tu lado and around 23,000 social-media comments were made about the broadcast. The comedy telenovela features two couples who have become friends over time and see their relationship take on a “tragicomic” twist when a secret love is revealed.

The debut of Dois Irmãos on TV Globo in Brazil garnered around 21,000 tweets. The drama miniseries is adapted from the novel of the same name by Milton Hatoum. It follows the lives of twin brothers of Lebanese origin who have settled in the Amazonas state.

Amar después de amar made its premiere on Telefe in Argentina with around 12,000 tweets. The telenovela features two intertwined love stories, united by a dark secret revealed around a car accident. The body of the woman disappeared and the man is in a coma. They were not husband and wife, but they became lovers when their respective couples met three years earlier.

There were around 12,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter about the debut of La Fan on Telemundo in the U.S. The telenovela charts the comedic story of a cheerful and humble woman, who is the ultimate fan of a famous telenovela actor. By a twist of fate, she will literally collide into his life, and despite every attempt, he will not be able to escape her blind adoration.

Pesadelo na Cozinha launched on Rede Band in Brazil, with approximately 11,000 comments being made about the broadcast online. In this local adaptation of the format Kitchen Nightmares, an acclaimed chef flies to the rescue of ailing restaurants.

TV Globo in Brazil also debuted last month Cidade dos Homens. A spin-off of the drama Cidade dos Homens that broadcast on the channel in 2002, the series this time follows Laranjinha and Acerola’s children, the two boys from the original series who lived in a poor neighborhood surrounded by drug trafficking. Around 11,000 social-media tweets went out about the premiere.

Un Diablo con Ángel on TVN in Chile racked up some 8,000 tweets. The telenovela tells the story of a brilliant executive who only lives for success and attraction, and who has seduced almost all the women around him except his assistant—and human agenda—Blanca. A car accident sends Gaspar to the gates of heaven with a chance of saving his soul; he is sent back to Earth by his guardian angel with a mission: learning how to truly love.

Coming in at number ten on the list of the most-buzzed-about new shows in LatAm was El Comandante, which debuted on Canal RCN in Colombia. Around 6,000 comments were sent about the drama that charts the life of former President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, one of Latin America’s most iconic figures who died in 2013 after 14 years at the head of state.

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