Lista Social Wit: August 2016


NEW YORK: Of all the new programs that were launched in Latin America in August, X Factor Brasil on Rede Band drew the most social-media buzz, according to The WIT.

This local adaptation of the format The X Factor saw some 293,000 tweets. The #EngagedAudience had #DividedOpinions. Some on social media believed there was a #TalentShortage and others were commenting about the #AbruptEnding.

Justiça, which aired on TV Globo in Brazil, stirred up some 161,000 comments. The drama series is about four people, who are total strangers but whose paths will cross, seeking justice. Viewers commenting on social media were buzzing about the #LovelyLeadActress and #GreatConcept of the #IntertwinedStories in the #Brilliant and #Moving series.

Also from Brazil, Programa do Porchat on Rede Record is a late-night show hosted by comedian Fábio Porchat. The first guest is Sasha, daughter of the country’s most popular TV host Xuxa Meneghel. Around 95,000 tweets were sent about the debut, with many calling it #FastPaced and #Hilarious and some talking about the #GreatInterviewer with the #AdorableSasha.

Catfish Brasil on MTV Brasil saw around 78,000 social-media comments. The local adaptation of the format Catfish: The TV Show explores what happens when online couples meet in person. There were #SevereReviews from those tweeting on social media that the show #SeemsScripted and #Fake.

Entubados on Brazil’s Canal Sony is a live reality competition in which eight famous YouTubers are confined in a house and face off in a competition to post videos on a given topic: cooking, dancing, humor, fashion, etc. Around 27,000 comments were made in social media, with #EngagedViewers showing much #FanCraze and #Excitement.

The comedy/drama Preciosas on Canal 13 in Chile saw some 25,000 tweets about its debut. The show tells the story of five women who are incarcerated for various reasons, and manage to break out of prison in a spectacular way to settle scores outside. #DividedViewers were tweeting about the #GreatCast but also the #SlowPace.

Sol Nascente on Brazil’s TV Globo is a telenovela following two immigrant families settled in Brazil: an Italian family who owns a bakery and a Japanese family who also runs their own business. The premiere had around 24,000 comments in social media about the #CultureCrossing and #MouthWatering series that had #NiceValues and a #BeautifulCast.

Esta noche con Arath premiered on las estrellas in Mexico and generated some 18,000 tweets. The late-night show hosted by actor/comedian Arath de la Torre performs “informative comedy” while interviewing celebrities of all walks of life (actors, politicians, etc). Viewers thought the host was a #JimmyFallonCopycat and that the show was #MoreOfTheSame, #NotFunny and #NotGoingToLast.

The debut of El Camionero on TVN in Chile saw some 13,000 tweets. Thet telenovela follows a free-spirited and charming truck driver, who lives a carefree life until he meets a woman that will turn his life around and challenge his personality. Some commenting about the premiere thought it was #Entertaining and #Emotional but perhaps a #LittleBitOverplayed. Social media also gave #KudosToTheChildActress.

Adnight on TV Globo drew around 11,000 tweets. People talking about the late-night show hosted by comedian Marcelo Adnet thought it was #TooStaged and #NotAsFunnyAsPorchat. Some thought there was a #DisappointingFirstGuest and others were asking #WhereAreTheWriters?

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