L.A. Screenings Spotlight: Band Content Distribution


In Band Content Distribution’s investigative news program The League, four reporters from various sectors of society analyze themes from different points of view.

“Each member of the team becomes immersed in the subject, truly feeling the reality of those involved,” says Elisa Ayub, the company’s director of international content.

Another factual offering is The World According to Brazilians, a reality series that takes viewers on a trip around the world. “The series shows peculiar places—unexplored and full of contrasts and discoveries,” Ayub says. “Each destination is a new adventure,” narrated by Brazilians living in those particular countries.

The company is also showcasing the kids’ program The Amazing Professor Ambrosius’ Mansion. The show, which mixes educational entertainment with comedy, is led by an animated host who is both clumsy and friendly.

“We are offering important titles that represent our diversity,” adds Ayub.