L.A. Screenings Spotlight: TV Azteca International


In the series Nothing Personal, which is being presented by TV Azteca International, a woman witnesses the murder of two young journalists and becomes entangled with a criminal organization that uses her as a scapegoat and turns her into an addict.

Nothing Personal is a police thriller that will stir audiences and generate lots of buzz,” says Ramón Salomón, the company’s operation content director, who notes that the highlight “offers a story of intrigue, suspense and love, with a great cast led by Margarita Muñoz.”

The series Missing Bride is “full of mystery, love and vengeance,” Salomón says. He points out its innovative narrative structure and high production values.

TV Azteca International is also offering Iron Lady, about a female prosecutor on a mission to bring down the country’s most-wanted drug lord, who also happens to be the man who murdered her father.