Amazon to Debut Reimagined Version of I Love Lucy


Amazon Prime Video is set to launch All For Lucy, a modern, reimagined version of the classic comedy series I Love Lucy.

Developed and produced by Endemol Shine Boomdog and Elefantec Global, the new Spanish-language series features Lucy as a 21st-century woman who wants to be in love but doesn’t want to give up her individuality. All For Lucy will launch exclusively on Prime Video in Latin America and the U.S.

Mexican actress Natalia Tellez (Después De Ti) is set to star as Lucy, with Daniel Tovar (Mirreyes Vs. Godínez) playing her husband, Ricky. Andrés “Andy” Zuno (Al Diablo con los Guapos) and Daniel Haddad (La Búsqueda) play the couple Esteban and Federico, Lucy and Ricky’s next-door neighbors.

Leo Zimbrón, head of scripted programming at Endemol Shine Boomdog, said: “I Love Lucy is the base of every comedy show ever done—and we are honored to reimagine it with its core characters and stories. We took this classic sitcom and transformed it into a romantic comedy for 2021. It was a hard and beautiful task, working with fantastic talent in front and behind the cameras. Our cast made the characters their very own, so we have a very current Lucy and Ricardo relationship, and the storylines are by all means ‘today’s life.’ Together with our partners at Elefantec, we are very proud to bring these fun adventures to the audiences of today, and what a great way to do it, making it happen through Amazon Prime Video.”

José “Pepe” Bastón, co-founder of Elefantec Global, commented: “I Love Lucy was the first successful TV show to bring a Latino actor as part of the main cast. We are now excited to be able to produce our modern version with a 100-percent Latino cast and crew. Our writers have done an excellent job adapting this American classic for the global Latino audience while maintaining its essence of lighthearted, family entertainment. We thank Endemol Shine Boomdog for the opportunity of this collaboration.”

Francisco Morales, head of content for Mexico at Amazon Prime Video, said: “We are excited to continue showing the explosive creativity of our talent in Mexico and bringing it to our Amazon Prime Video customers. We can’t wait for this title to join our growing list of exclusive and original series and films from around the world and continue to show the high quality of productions in Latin America.”

The format rights are licensed by ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group. Roxanne Pompa, VP of formats for the company, said: “The Todo Por Lucy storylines are truly fresh and imaginative, and we believe audiences will enjoy this comedy series.”