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World Screen Kids Assets

With a portfolio of print and online assets, World Screen provides the most comprehensive array of resources for the children’s entertainment business, from what’s in development at leading channels to the latest trends in acquisitions to what’s hot in the licensing and merchandising sector. These assets are excellent vehicles for your company to reach content decision-makers and licensing agents across the globe, in both English and Spanish.

1. TV Kids

A magazine completely devoted to the business of children’s programming production, distribution and merchandising. TV Kids is published five times a year, for NATPE; MIPTV; Annecy and NATPE Budapest International; Cartoon Forum and Pre-MIPJunior; and Brand Licensing Europe, MIPJunior and MIPCOM. Also a digital edition sent out to 35,000 executives a week before the markets.

2. TV Niños

Our kids’ programming magazine in Spanish is produced twice a year for the two largest markets for Latin American content buyers: NATPE and the L.A. Screenings. Also a digital edition sent to 10,000 executives a week before the markets.

TV Kids and TV Niños provide your ad with double exposure, worldwide distribution, superior printing and maximum impact.

3. TV Kids Guide

The only portable annual reference book for the international children’s programming industry. This guide is available at MIPCOM and MIPJunior. It is also mailed to 4,000 programming decision-makers and licensing executives throughout the world. Also a digital edition sent to 35,000 executives before the market.

Advertisers receive a full page of information opposite their ad, featuring contact details, top ten properties and a company statement. Also, each profile that appears in the guide runs in TV Kids Weekly.

4. TV Kids Daily

***TV Kids Weekly***

This online daily newsletter, reaching about 25,000 executives every day, provides updates on the children’s media business, including news about the latest shows, sales deals, licensing and merchandising trends, developments in digital media and more.

Advertising options in this newsletter include banners and towers.

5. TV Kids Weekly

***TV Kids Weekly***

This online weekly newsletter devoted to kids’ programming and merchandising reaches about 25,000 executives every Friday. This service offers profiles of individual properties, channels and companies; video interviews with leading executives in the business; trend pieces and the top five kids’ news stories of the week.

Advertising options in this newsletter include banners, skyscrapers and embedded ads.

6. TV Kids Breaking News

***TV Kids Breaking***

Breaking news alerts for major announcements from the world of kids’ content, including pickups, commissions, digital extensions, L&M deals and more.

The sponsorship of TV Kids Breaking News is sold on an annual basis.

7. TV Niños Semanal

***TV Niños Semanal***

This online weekly newsletter in Spanish, exclusively devoted to kids’ programming and merchandising, is sent to about 8,000 executives every Monday.

Advertising options in this newsletter include banners, skyscrapers and embedded ads.

8. TVKids.com

***TV Kids Website***

This stand-alone website serves as a one-stop shop for executives seeking the latest information on news from the kids’ programming market. The home page also features video clips of new kids’ shows, as well as a range of other resources, including interviews with key players in the industry, property profiles and more.

Ad placements for your targeted message include banners, expandable banners, towers, embedded ads and more.

9. TV Kids Preview

This multimedia service provides articles and interviews and a range of other resources. The sponsor of the Preview receives a banner and the ability to feature multiple video clips. The preview is sent to 35,000 executives a week before the markets.

10. Screening Rooms

Advertisers receive their own WorldScreenings.com Screening Room delivering detailed information and video clips for a range of new preschool, kids’ and tween titles being showcased at the markets.

11. TV Kids In-Demand

***TV Kids Website***These seasonal reports spotlight new shows in a range of different kids’ genres, such as comedyand preschool. Advertisers can provide detailed information about one of their highlights, alongside a trailer, and receive a 600×120 pixels banner above their spotlighted show.

What leading executives are saying about us…

“A name that stands for quality and market leadership isn’t something which just happens. It takes the highest effort and professionalism. Super RTL is the number one European children’s broadcaster. World Screen is the leader in its field.”
—Claude Schmit
CEO, Super RTL


“Thank you, World Screen, for regularly providing me with excellent articles on international media topics. For me, World Screen is an important means of information—well-structured and reader-oriented.”
—Gerhard Zeiler
Chief Revenue Officer, WarnerMedia and President, WarnerMedia International Networks


“The international television market is a vital component of our growing entertainment business. Your user-friendly format, grasp of the day’s vital news from every key territory and insightful perspective make World Screen a must read.”
—Brian Goldner
Chairman and CEO, Hasbro


World Screen is a great source of information in a fast-changing media world, where nothing is trivial. It combines strong local analysis with broad global perspective. It is a very useful tool that provides a comprehensive overview of everything that matters in global media.”
—Ynon Kreiz
Chairman and CEO, Mattel


“There are just a few newsletters which I read daily. World Screen Newsflash is definitely one!”
—Sebastian Debertin
Head, Fiction, Acquisitions and Co-Productions, KiKA


“Entertainment One teams across the globe read World Screen to get a comprehensive view of our vibrant international industry. World Screenis certainly one of the most well-written and dependable media magazines out there.”
—Darren Throop
President and CEO, Entertainment One


World Screen keeps me apprised on the constant changes in the global television arena and provides an insight to major worldwide industry trends that I weigh in my daily decision-making process.”
—Diego Lerner
President, LatAm, Direct-to-Consumer & International, The Walt Disney Company


“Our one-page advertisement in World Screen received immediate and direct sales enquiries in the few days before MIPTV from buyers we didn’t know, which we were able to translate into concrete sales during the market. You can’t ask for much more than that.”
—Genevieve Dexter
CEO, Serious Lunch


“Our TVKids.ws banner ad has generated numerous leads—it has already been money well spent for Genius Brands!”
—Caroline Tyre
Senior VP, International Distribution & Head, Genius Brands Network, Genius Brands International


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