Banijay Iberia Partners with Fundación Diversidad


Banijay Iberia has formed a strategic alliance with Fundación Diversidad to promote diversity and inclusion among its staff and between collaborators, suppliers and clients.

“At Banijay Iberia, we believe in the potential of culture and the power of audiovisual products to build a more inclusive, accessible and supportive society, which fosters positive change,” said Pilar Blasco, CEO of Banijay Iberia. “We are hugely sensitive to social realities, and we preserve diversity in our content. In parallel, internally at Banijay, we have employee resource groups promoting respect and equality, such as Banijay Embrace, Banijay Pride, Banijay Disability and Banijay Elle. By joining Fundación Diversidad, we reaffirm our commitment to creating safe, open and responsible environments, for all the people who work with us.”

Sonia Río, director of Fundación Diversidad, added, “The incorporation of Banijay Iberia into the Foundation is important because we believe that the culture, entertainment and media sector has a fundamental role in the transformation of society and, furthermore, it is capable of taking this message to mass audiences. It is necessary for companies in this sector to have diverse and inclusive workforces and to put this diversity at the center of innovatio, to broaden the industry’s competitive offering of authentic storytelling, and making, for audiences and clients alike.”