MIPCOM Spotlight: NTV Broadcasting Company


NTV Broadcasting Company has on offer two original dramas and a chart-topping celebrity quiz format, among other highlights.

KAMAZ. Extreme Racing focuses on the dramatic stories from the real racing team. The series is “destined to become an international sensation,” says Timur Weinstein, general producer. “The series’ narrative is unique and original, as it is based on real events and characters.”

With Surgical Precision is a crime drama about a surgeon who suddenly gets in the middle of an organ-smuggling operation.

The format Secret for a Million sees celebrities open up about their deepest secrets, making the audience gasp in disbelief. This NTV original format is “absolutely perfect for adaptation in any part of the world,” says Weinstein. “Peeking into celebrities’ private lives is addictive and popular.”

Weinstein adds, “Our main efforts are now directed at expanding the international footprint for NTV projects.”