MIPTV Spotlight: NTV Broadcasting Company


An original drama on NTV Broadcasting Company’s slate, Fatherland is an adaptation of Aleksander Terekhov’s novel Germans, which centers on a journalist who starts out fighting for his ideals but ultimately finds himself moving down a dark path.

Fatherland will appeal to international buyers with its fearless portrait of corruption and its dreadful consequences,” says Timur Weinstein, general producer at NTV Broadcasting Company.

Superstar!, a new addition to the company’s format lineup, sees music idols from the ’90s and 2000s come back on stage to compete with each other. “This format is sure to appeal to all international audiences who love great music, mesmerizing shows and tense competition,” says Weinstein.

Also a format, Secret for a Million features star guests earning money by answering various personal questions.

“Our goals for MIPTV include the continuous expansion to fast-growing TV markets, especially India and LatAm,” says Weinstein.