TV France International Merges with UniFrance


The members of TV France International have voted in majority to approve the merger deal with UniFrance.

The merger was previously unanimously approved by its Board of Directors on April 23.

Through this decision—which received 85 votes for and 1 abstention—they agreed to dissolve the association for the international promotion of French audiovisual programs that was created in 1994, and unite it with UniFrance, which handles the promotion of French cinematic content across the world.

Using the historic UniFrance name, a new association is to be created for the international promotion of all French audiovisual and cinematic content.

Within the new structure, there will be two divisions: one for exporters and one for cinema and audiovisual producers. There will also be artist and short-film divisions dedicated to professionals in these areas.

“TV France has been active for 27 years and has always been dedicated to supporting exports of audiovisual programs. Its history includes worldwide travel, a multitude of contacts, and numerous actions put in place little by little,” said Hervé Michel, chairman of TV France. “This transformation ushers in a new era, for the team, our members and French export, which will now benefit from a significantly stronger association with a brand new dynamism. That said, we obviously feel a little sad at the end of this chapter in our story.”

“We are very proud of what we have accomplished,” said Sarah Hemar, executive director of TV France International. “TV France ends its days with member numbers at an all-time high—more than 160 companies, and a record number of producers in support of this merger. The future looks bright.”