MIPCOM Spotlight: RTVE


Malaka, a crime thriller from RTVE, centers on two events: the disappearance of the daughter of a prominent entrepreneur and the emergence of a new drug that threatens to upset the existing balance between two rival gangs.

Meanwhile, Promises of Sand sees the protagonist, a naïve volunteer at an NGO in Libya, discover the dark side of humanity in a refugee camp where not everyone’s intentions are pure. Rounding out RTVE’s slate is Central Market, which offers “a slice of life itself, seen through the personal, romantic and working relationships between the people who live and work in a market in a major city,” says María-Jesus Pérez, RTVE’s international sales director. All of these titles, she says, “speak about real people and universal feelings that touch all of us.”

Malaka is, first and foremost, the story of its characters—sometimes contradictory, sometimes sincere, with both good and bad sides,” Pérez adds.