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RTVE Inks Deals for International Content & Channels


RTVE has secured a raft of sales for its extensive catalog of content and channels, including one that sees the drama La caza. Monteperdido headed to Italy.

RTVE also began talks with operators from various Balkan countries and other countries in Eastern Europe, as well as from Japan, Greece the U.S., Croatia and Israel, who showed an interest in acquiring the series to broadcast it in their respective countries. The thriller Malaka, a new fiction series presented at MIPCOM, has aroused interest in operators from the U.S., Greece and Germany.

Agreements were also concluded that expand the number of countries in which series such as La otra mirada and Estoy Vivo, which premiered new seasons this year, and Hospital Valle Norte, which premiered earlier this year, can be seen. La Señora, El Caso, crónica de sucesos and Pelotas also garnered attention, meaning they too will be aired in a growing number of countries.

El Ministerio del Tiempo, which was available on Netflix, has been sold to broadcast-TV operators in the Balkan countries and has also drawn interest from various operators in Colombia and Israel. The daily series Derecho a Soñar was sold to be aired by broadcast-TV operators and SVOD platforms in the Middle East and the U.S.

In factual fare, the documentaries available from RTVE’s catalog also drew the attention of buyers. Agreements were reached for the sale of several packages of documentaries in different genres to various countries, including France, Russia and Uruguay.

RTVE documentaries that are available include: El equipo D. Los códigos olvidados tells of the involvement of a team of Spanish scientists in deciphering the codes of Enigma, the Nazi encryption machine; La Momia Guanche offers a vision of the Guanche people who once lived in the Canary Islands; El Valle de los Caídos, la tumba del dictador showcases the burial place of Spanish dictator Franco; ¡Ay Carmen! deals with the life of actress Carmen Maura; Carlos V, los caminos del Emperador chronicles the last trip of Charles V to his final residence in the Monastery of Yuste; and Esférica tells the great adventure of the first circumnavigation of the Earth by Magellan and Elcano.

Playz channel’s digital series continue to appeal to many operators, some of which, from the Middle East, the U.S. and France, have shown an interest in acquiring a package with broadcast rights.

Operators from various countries, especially from Russia, Israel, France, the Middle East and Greece, also expressed an interest in acquiring the format for various contents, in order to adapt them in their own countries.

At this year’s MIPCOM, RTVE signed new distribution agreements, both for the complete four-channel package and for individual channels, with distributors from Belgium, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, New Zealand, Israel, Australia, Armenia and Moldova.

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