RTVE to Bring Slate of Fiction & Doc Productions to MIPTV


RTVE is presenting its new drama offerings La caza. Monteperdido, Promesas de arena, Hospital Valle Norte, Asesinato en la Universidad and Derecho a Soñar at MIPTV, as well as its slate of documentaries and international channels.

La caza. Monteperdido is a thriller that follows the struggle of two families as two young girls disappear from their village, with one eventually reappearing years later and raising new questions. Promesas de arena tells the story of a volunteer at a refugee camp in Libya who arrives full of good intentions but soon realizes that not everyone is out to do good.

Hospital Valle Norte is a prime-time series that centers around the hospital team at a university as they balance their work and personal lives. Asesinato en la Universidad takes place in both the 16th century and today as a 21st century historian tries to solve an old murder. Derecho a Soñar is a new daily series that takes place at a law firm in which the characters deal with cases similar to ones in the news.

RTVE’s documentary slate includes ¡Ay, Carmen! about the actress Carmen Maura, Tesoros de la corona, a six-parter about the National Heritage Collection, Ciencia Forense, a thriller-type format that follows Spanish forensic criminologists, Joan Tarragó: El bibliotecario de Mauthausen, which follows a man’s quest to create a library at a concentration camp, Equipo D. El español que descifró Enigma, the story of a Spanish spy who helps decipher the “Enigma” machine, and Los cielos españoles, which tells the story of famed lost Spanish coffered ceilings.

At MIPTV, RTVE will also continue to showcase its raft of family-friendly international channels, which includes TVE Internacional, 24 Horas, STAR HD, Clan, Playz, Wake up, Bajo la red, Abducidos and Boca Norte.

The company will also be showing some of its fiction series that premiered in 2018, such as Traición, El Continental, Sabuesos, La Otra Mirada, Estoy Vivo, as well as its catalog of daily series, including Acacias 38, Seis hermanas, Servir y Proteger and Centro Médico. Other productions featured include Víctor Ros, El Caso, crónica de sucesos and TV film Lope enamorado.