MIPCOM Spotlight: Atresmedia Televisión


There are two brand-new series coming from Atresmedia Televisión for MIPCOM buyers: Presumed Guilty and Slaughterhouse.

Presumed Guilty is a thriller where emotions play an essential role,” says Diana Borbón Cuchí, the company’s sales manager. She describes Slaughterhouse as a “comedy thriller with a dark tone.”

Atresmedia Televisión also has a new season of the comedy Down Below, which is a love story about a man from the north of Spain and a woman from the south. The novela The Secret of Old Bridge has already seen success in Spain, Italy and countries in Eastern Europe, and Atresmedia Televisión is looking to further its reach by notching up new deals at the market. There is also a catalog of documentaries available from the company this MIPCOM.

“Renowned for their quality and appealing characters, Atresmedia’s stories fascinate viewers all around the world,” Borbón Cuchí says.