MIPTV Spotlight: ATRESMEDIA Television


CANNES: A mysterious character called “the Professor” is planning to carry out the biggest robbery in history in the new ATRESMEDIA Television drama Money Heist.

Diana Borbón, sales manager at ATRESMEDIA Television, calls it an “entertaining action series with dramatic value.” She adds, “The intriguing plot of Money Heist guarantees a captive audience till the end.”

The series is a central focus for ATRESMEDIA Television’s distribution team at MIPTV, where they will also be talking to buyers about the dramas Lifeline and Plastic Sea. Lifeline follows a man who receives a heart transplant and begins to have terrible nightmares related to the murder of the person who donated the vital organ. “The audience will sympathize with the torment of the main character, whose new heart will be a guide to the truth about the death of his donor,” says Borbón.

Following a successful first season, Plastic Sea returns with a new murder plot.