MIPTV Spotlight: ATRESMEDIA Televisión


The ATRESMEDIA Televisión catalog features the comedy Heroes Wanted (Cuerpo de Élite), in which a secret team will try to protect the country, and the fourth season of Down Below (Allí Abajo), a romantic comedy about the relationship between a man from the north of Spain and a woman from the south.

Further highlights of the fiction slate include The Incident (El Incidente), a sci-fi story that takes place as a big storm threatens humanity, and Plastic Sea (Mar de Plástico), a thriller set in a village located in southern Spain.

“ATRESMEDIA is recognized as a leading distributor of fiction, with captivating stories that work worldwide,” says Diana Borbón Cuchí, the company’s sales manager.

“Apart from fiction, we have a catalog of documentaries,” she adds. “We are presenting the new season of Privileged Observer (Enviado Especial).” The factual series follows journalist Jalis de la Serna as he travels around the world.