MIPCOM Spotlight: Onza Distribution


Billed as an atypical romantic comedy, Little Coincidences features a couple who are unaware that their lives constantly intertwine in search of one another.

The series, which is being showcased by Onza Distribution, will launch on Amazon Prime Video as well as on free TV in Spain.

Onza Distribution is also presenting to the international market The Gipsy Heiress, which centers on Luz, an exotic beauty raised by a gypsy family after she was kidnapped as a baby. Years later, she will inherit a vast fortune.

In The Value of Life, Carolina and Artur may not know each other but they share a special bond, as they both wake up from an eight-year coma on the same day. “Onza Distribution continues growing and adding new productions every year,” says Jessica Ortiz, the company’s managing director.