DISCOP Johannesburg Spotlight: Inter Medya


The Turkish drama Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters is among the key titles that Inter Medya believes will strike a chord with buyers at DISCOP Johannesburg.

The company also has in its catalog Endless Love, about two young people from different backgrounds—one from a middle-class family, the other from an affluent area—who fall in love, and In Between, a drama centered on a young woman with a modest upbringing who has very big dreams.

Can Okan, the founder and CEO of Inter Medya, points out that Turkish dramas have recently “started to attract a lot of interest from buyers throughout Africa. Turkish drama series have been extremely popular around the world because of their high production qualities, intriguing and dramatic storylines and well-known cast members.”

Okan sees potential for new genres as well. “As our creative team is continuously working on fresh projects, we think that the African region will prove to be very fruitful for our format business,” he says.