MIPCOM Spotlight: ORF-Enterprise


Ireland’s wild wonders are on display in Wild Ireland, a highlight from ORF-Enterprise.

The 4K film features everything from humpback whales breaching off the country’s southern shores to golden eagles fighting the gales of the northern highlands to raise their young on the steep cliff sides. Viewers are transported to Asia’s hotspots of biodiversity in Sky River of the Himalayas: Brahmaputra, a 4K production. Also in the way of factual, there is Untamed Albania.

The four-part Urban Comedies is another ORF-Enterprise highlight. “We enjoy hilarious stories with truly emotional, cheeky characters in Urban Comedies,” says Marion Camus-Oberdorfer, the company’s head of international content sales. She adds, “We are ambitious [and wish to] keep our aim high in terms of discovering more and more of the many secrets and wonders of our planet and its inhabitants.”

Camus-Oberdorfer notes, “At MIPCOM, we will offer a wide range of fiction and wildlife titles.”