MIPTV Spotlight: ORF-Enterprise


ORF-Enterprise’s long-running detective series Soko Kitzbuehel, built around a dynamic young team of investigators who encounter baffling murder cases in the Alps, is among the company’s highlights.

From ORF’s UNIVERSUM Nature strand, the wildlife doc Water of Life follows a cast of animal characters whose lives are closely entwined with the Scottish Highlands, an island distillery and the mountain rivers that feed it.

The docuseries The Wildlife Orphanage takes viewers on a journey to Namibia in southern Africa to visit Harnas, a shelter for abandoned and wounded wild animals.

“Content buyers from all over the world are invited to explore the variety of high-quality content from different genres in ORF-Enterprise’s colorful program catalog,” says Armin Luttenberger, the head of international content sales.

“At MIPTV, we will celebrate the brand-new blue-chip documentaries from ORF’s award-winning UNIVERSUM strand, as well as upcoming seasons of best-selling TV series,” he adds.