Endemol France & Shine France Combined into Single Operation


PARIS: Endemol Shine Group is integrating its local businesses in France under the unified banner of Endemol Shine France.

Endemol France and Shine France, which currently operate separately, will be brought together as Endemol Shine France. Endemol France’s president, Nicolas Coppermann, will lead the integrated business. Shine France’s president, Thierry Lachkar, will step down after Endemol Shine France has been launched. His departure is expected in early 2017.

Sophie Turner Laing, the CEO of Endemol Shine Group, commented: “I want to pay tribute to Thierry’s superb leadership and all he has done to build Shine France into the world-class business it is today. He has our deepest gratitude and will be missed here enormously when he goes. Moving forward, we believe that combining the considerable strengths of the Shine and Endemol teams in France under Nicolas will create a local powerhouse that is best positioned to deliver channel-defining content to our customers and leverage future opportunities in the fast-changing marketplace. The process of bringing the two businesses together will now begin and we are incredibly excited about launching Endemol Shine France at the start of 2017 with Nicolas at the helm.”

Coppermann added: “The launch of Endemol Shine France will mean a genuinely exciting new chapter for the business here. It will unite creative, production and entrepreneurial talent who together have delivered some of the biggest hits to come out of the French market. Bringing us together will broaden our collective reach in the marketplace and further enhance our ability to bring the best ideas to life across different platforms and genres. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with such an exceptional combined team and I can’t wait for us to embark on our new adventure together as Endemol Shine France.”

Lachkar said: “I have had seven incredible years with an amazing Shine France team. It has been a privilege to work with such talented individuals. I have been in talks with the company about the future of Shine France for some time now and after exploring many different options, I have decided to step down as president of Shine France from early 2017. I am so proud of what we have accomplished altogether with 50 different programs in all genres, both in scripted and non-scripted, across all channels, platforms and networks—making Shine France one of the biggest and [most] well-respected production companies. In last Monday’s edition of very highly respected French media magazine Le Film Français, Shine France has been ranked this year again [as the] number one French production company, reaching over 203 million cumulative viewers. I wish Sophie Turner Laing along with her team the absolute best for the next chapter in the history of Endemol Shine in France.”