MIPTV Spotlight: Calinos Entertainment


CANNES: The Calinos Entertainment series Relationship Status: It’s Complicated and Emergency Love are both light on drama but packed full of romantic comedy.

This is a “new and popular trend in Turkey,” according to Besir Tatli, the general manager of Calinos. “Both series have received very high viewership locally since their inception. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated has been number one in the ratings since the first episode.”

The film Love, Just a Coincidence is described by Tatli as a “powerful yet lighthearted drama, which has the potential to appeal to a large audience demographic, as it has a universal story with characters that any viewer would empathize with.” It has been one of the most successful films at the Turkish box office.

Tatli adds: “We are in the process of establishing new strategies and partnerships, which we believe will open a universal window of activities for our company.”