MIPCOM Spotlight: Calinos Entertainment


CANNES: Calinos Entertainment is looking to notch up new international sales for the series Relationship Status: It’s Complicated and Emergency Love.

Besir Tatli, the company’s general manager, notes that both titles are lighter and more optimistic in their tone than most dramas. He says they are more in the realm of romantic comedy, “which is a new and popular trend in Turkey.”

The story in Relationship Status: It’s Complicated follows an aspiring scriptwriter whose life intersects with a handsome actor. “Relationship Status: It’s Complicated has been number one in the ratings since the first episode,” says Tatli.

Love, Just a Coincidence is a powerful yet lighthearted drama,” Tatli adds. He believes that the movie “has the potential to appeal to a large audience demographic as it has a universal story with characters that any viewer [can identify] with. It has been one of the most successful films at the Turkish box office.”