Viasat World Expands Reach of Epic Drama Channel


Viasat World has secured carriage for Epic Drama with A1, which has added the channel to its IPTV and cable platforms in Bulgaria.

Epic Drama launched in Viasat World’s key international markets in December 2017. Positioned as the home of big-budget, HD drama series, the channel features such programming highlights as Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, The Tudors, Bletchley Circle and Endeavour.

Emma Jones, VP of commercial affairs at Viasat World, commented: “We are delighted that A1 group is adding Epic Drama to its platform in Bulgaria—testament to our commitment to understanding our clients’ needs and our shared goal of delivering relevant content to audiences. In its first six months, Epic Drama has made a huge impact and is clearly addressed the gap which our research identified—giving people access to world-class, acclaimed drama content 24/7 when and where they want it. The continued rapid growth of the channel is indicative of our agility to respond to what viewers and partners are looking for as an independent broadcaster, alongside our ambition to expand our reach.”

Simeon Donev, senior director of marketing at A1 Bulgaria, said: “Following the success of Epic Drama on our platforms in Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia, we welcome the channel in Bulgaria today. It is a fantastic addition to our offering; a true destination for drama fans looking for the biggest and best series from all over the world. We know it will be a huge hit with our subscribers. The launch of Epic Drama is part of the ongoing efforts of А1 at improving its content and delivering the best TV service in Bulgaria to our clients.”