HBO Lands on 3BB Thailand


Triple T Broadband’s 3BB service in Thailand becomes the new home of HBO in the country as of the end of this month.

The new deal secured by WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks grants 3BB’s 3.3 million subscribers access to the HBO GO app via a range of broadband packages. HBO GO will also be offered as a standalone app for about $5 a month. Meanwhile, 3BB’s IPTV service, launching later this year, will feature WarnerMedia’s suite of six HBO linear channels.

“HBO has a new home in Thailand and it’s great news for those who love streaming our channels, and watching the latest blockbuster movies and series anytime, anywhere,” said Clement Schwebig, managing director for Southeast Asia, Pacific and China at WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks. “3BB has big plans for HBO GO, and their tremendous enthusiasm and commitment is clear.”

Subhoj Sunyabhisithkul, president of 3BB, added: “With HBO’s large group of loyal fans in Thailand and long-standing success, 3BB is confident that this collaboration will entertain our 3 million-plus 3BB customers nationwide, and they’ll enjoy watching HBO’s premium content on our platform.”