APOS Spotlight: Rewind Networks


With its HITS Movies channel, Rewind Networks has “put together 40 years of the best movies on a single service to see how powerful that would become in terms of viewer stickiness and consumer love,” says CEO Avi Himatsinghani.

The results, he says, have exceeded all expectations. “The ratings and numbers in our debut market, Singapore, prove it. Every month since launch, we have been in the top three out of 15 international general-entertainment channels in the basic group.” The strategy for HITS Movies, as well as for the original HITS channel, is based on curating playlists. “Their clear propositions have allowed a very loyal, consistent base of followers to keep coming in and out of the playlist, recommending and requesting shows and movies they love,” Himatsinghani explains.

He adds, “We know the proposition of a curated playlist like HITS works, so it makes sense to take it into more markets.”