Video Interview: TV5MONDE’s Yves Bigot & Patrice Courtaban

This January marked 40 years since TV5MONDE began its broadcasting of content around the Francophone culture across continents. There have been many milestones along the way, including the launch of TV5MONDE USA and TVMonaco coming on board as a new shareholder, to name but a few. While its programming mix features a broad range of French-language programs, including dramas, comedies and lifestyle fare, news and sports coverage have been two stalwart genres. This year, TV5MONDE will carry the Paris Olympic Games for viewers in Africa. It continues to offer news coverage of the most impactful stories and events from various French-speaking parts of the world.


Patrice Courtaban, executive VP of global growth and business development at TV5MONDE and CEO of TV5MONDE USA, and Yves Bigot, CEO of TV5MONDE, spoke to World Screen Weekly fresh off of securing a new agreement with the United Nations. Through this relationship, delegates, non-governmental organizations, media and staff at the UN headquarters in New York will continue to have access to the French-language television channel TV5MONDE Info.

In the interview, Courtaban and Bigot walk us through some of the milestones of TV5MONDE’s 40-year history and plans for future expansion, including in the FAST space.