TV Latina Sets First Keynotes for Turkish TV Festival


OGM Pictures’ Erdem Seçkin and Madd Entertainment’s Ateş İnce are taking part in TV Latina’s inaugural Turkish TV Festival, which is being held May 7 to 9. You can register for this free event here.

In 2022, Seçkin took on the role of CEO of OGM Pictures, a prominent producer in Turkey with a wide production portfolio. İnce is the managing director at MADD Entertainment, a joint venture of Ay Yapım and Medyapım.

The names of other executives joining the upcoming Turkish TV Festival will be revealed soon.

The upcoming Turkish TV Festival in Spanish and English will feature keynotes with leading producers and distributors in the Turkish television space. It will be streamed live and available on-demand at and

The Turkish TV Festival joins previously held events, including the TV Latina Festival, Festival de producción, as well as the Festival de streaming and Festival FAST.

Unlike other events requiring hefty registration fees, attendance to the Turkish TV Festival is FREE, offering sponsors the opportunity to reach executives who subscribe to our five daily newsletters. Our virtual festivals attract an average of 1,700 participants! You can register here.

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